About Advantage Flooring


For more than a decade, Jay Behl has been the owner and manager of Advantage Flooring. Advantage Flooring has been supplying and installing top quality floors to both residential and commercial customers. No matter which product you choose from our excellent selection of hardwood, engineered or laminate flooring, you can be assured that we deliver excellent installation and service that will surpass your expectations.

Soon after graduation Queen’s University in 2004 Jay decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and open a small business. With hard work and dedication, he has been able to help Advantage Flooring become one of the best hardwood floor suppliers and installers in the Ottawa area.


Jay takes pride to be a part of the green movement and promote the use of environmentally friendly materials and equipment as much as possible. This ensures the safety of your outdoor and indoor environment without compromising quality. It also ensures the safety and health of each Advantage employee handling the materials.

Advantage Flooring offers you quality products and workmanship, at comparatively lower prices. Prices for Canadian Made and finished hardwood starts at only $5.25 a square foot. Jay has also implemented a price match guarantee so that clients can benefit from knowing Advantage Flooring has their best interests in mind. So, when you want the perfect combination of price, quality, style, and function, Advantage Flooring is the best team to contact.

My name is Etienne, I Studied in Auto Mecanic program at La Cité Collégiale. I have two Dogs and currently am engaged to meyamazing fiancé. I am proud of my French haitian background and enjoy speaking 2 languages.

In 2020, I starting to work for Advantage Flooring and I can tell you that every day is different! What’s beautiful in all of this is the fact that I always like to surpass my expectations and challenges.

I am very welcoming and I know how to listen to people. I love helping!