Laminate Flooring Vs Luxury Vinyl

You've reached the point where you need a new flooring for your home. And you are not sure which type of flooring will be the most suitable for you. Well, whether you need the flooring for a new house or an old one, there are basic pointers that will help you make the best decisions.

Here are some of the unique differences between laminate flooring and luxury vinyl


Luxury Vinyl are 100% synthetic with thickness of over 5mm. Luxury Vinyl comes in planks and tiles. This lends to the durability of the luxury vinyl flooring. The polyvinyl chloride it is made of enhances its elasticity while the backing material at the base provides more strength and durability. The luxury vinyl floor has high moisture resistance and therefore can last longer in most environments. If you clean it with moist mop or install it in the bathroom or kitchen it will withstand the moisture.

On the other hand laminate flooring consist about 98% of wood. This means that it will not be wise to install it in moisture prone areas. Moisture can cause the edges to expand and pucker. However, the durability of laminate flooring depends a lot on location and care. If it is installed in the living room or the bedroom it will definitely last as long as possible. Also in taking care of the floor if you are able to avoid moisture on the floor, maybe mop it immediately there is a spill, and then use dry op rather than wet mop to clean it, it will boost the durability.


Luxury Vinyl are best suited for areas prone to damp and moisture or even flooding. Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and all such areas in your home need luxury vinyl flooring.

In addition, luxury vinyl is resistant to friction and wear and tear. The surface does not get scratched easily and it can withstand heavy traffic. Therefore, it is more suitable for commercial applications like shops and offices. It can be fitted in every environment for every flooring purpose.

Laminate flooring is limited by its inability to resist moisture or humidity. However, it still makes for beautiful and natural looking flooring.


Luxury Vinyl and laminate flooring are both affordable. The cost for laminate flooring depends on the size. A 7mm thick laminate flooring might cost like $1 per square foot while about 12mm one can go for $5 per square foot. Luxury vinyl can cost about $5 per square foot. So basically, it is a tie for both types of flooring.

However, since luxury vinyl offers higher value, it is safe to say that laminate flooring is more expensive.

Design and appearance

Both luxury vinyl and laminate flooring come in 3D design technology and so can take the form of natural materials like wood, at a cheaper rate than the natural materials. This means they can come in different designs and are customizable.

In conclusion

It is obvious that both luxury vinyl and laminate flooring are both good options when you want to get a new flooring for your home. Your choice may depend on the rooms - Luxury vinyl for moist areas and laminate flooring for other parts.