Luxury vinyl tile and plank, the two forms of this vinyl, can expand and contract. However, if you take straightforward preventative measures, you'll be fine.

Why does it move?

The material has microscopic air holes. When the air is humid, the product will expand. Alternatively, it will shrink when the air is dry.

It moves to adjust to the temperature. So the warehouse in which it's stored can be either colder or warmer than your home's, affecting it even if it's just down the street!

Acclimate it

Have your vinyl plank or tile-sized pieces, also called LVT flooring, delivered a few days before installation. They need to stay in the room where it's installed for 48 hours before placement.

You can keep them in opened boxes. Alternatively, lay the pieces side-by-side on the floor if you have the space.

The room's temperature should be between 65 and 80 degrees F. Humidity levels should be between 35 and 75%

If you do not have a climate controller, seek the advice of your flooring expert.

What am I installing over concrete?

Concrete should be cured for at least three days before installing luxury vinyl plank, LVP flooring, or tile-sized pieces. Cured concrete is more robust, reducing concerns about cracking or chipping.

Be sure to discuss this thoroughly with the flooring experts.

What happens if I don’t acclimate?

The floor can buckle or gap. It can throw the balance off a floating floor and wreak havoc with that installation's clicking mechanism.

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