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Carpet flooring allows you to take advantage of the one and only soft surface floor covering in the flooring market while also allowing you to take advantage of many benefits as well. You’ll enjoy the luxury of an incredibly soft underfoot feel and the inviting warmth of appearance, making it excellent for both entry areas and private areas in your home. Now, more than ever, you can experience benefits that help extend the lifespan of your flooring while catering to eco-friendly scenarios at the same time. You definitely want to give this material a second look, if you haven’t done so already.

Advantage Flooring caters to our customer’s unique needs. From choosing the perfect material to floor your home to an installation you can depend on, you’ll appreciate the fact that we strive for complete customer satisfaction. As a proud member of the green movement, we also endeavor for both indoor and outdoor safety, with no lack of product or service quality. Visit us at our Ottawa, Ontario showroom location at your convenience to speak with one of our flooring associates who will be happy to answer any questions about flooring you might have, and to help you find the perfect material for your own specific needs.


Carpet facts and benefits

There are some very important facts you should know about carpet right up front. For instance, some homeowners attempt to skimp on the under padding in hopes of shaving a few dollars off the budget. While it does save money, it can wind up costing you more in the end as flooring wears out much faster. It can bunch, create bald spots and even cause seam separation. Lack of underpadding also cuts down on the amount of heat retention this material is capable of, as it acts as an extra layer of insulation when properly installed.
Professional installation is very important when carpet is your flooring of choice. Special tools, as well as a wealth of experience, are necessary for a successful installation. Novice mistakes can lead to problems that will have you replacing your flooring far sooner than you should have to.

You’ll enjoy many benefits with carpet installation, including plush underfoot elegance, heat retention, noise reduction, and even an allergen-free breathing environment. What’s more, some manufacturers have built stain protection into the very fibers of the material for stain resistance you’ll never have to reapply.