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Loving your hardwood floors is easy


Very few homeowners that have taken the leap into hardwood flooring installation ever speak to their regret of the decision. In fact, most will tell you it was one of the best decisions ever made for their home. Likewise, you can experience great benefits when choosing this floor covering. You’ll find it incredibly durable and hard-wearing, which helps it to achieve its famous length of lifespan. It helps create amazing elegance that is simply timeless and withstands many trend changes in interior decor. You’ll find it also adds great value to your home, whether you decide to sell or to keep it to pass down to future generations.

Advantage Flooring offers overall excellence in your flooring experience from the moment you arrive at our Ottawa, Ontario showroom floor. You’ll find an excellent selection of flooring materials, friendly and professional associates who are happy to assist you, and services that breathe life into whichever floor covering you choose. What’s more, we are proudly environmentally friendly, assuring the safety of both indoor and outdoor spaces, while remaining true to quality and craftsmanship. Be sure to stop in for a visit at your convenience and allow us the pleasure of earning your business.


Hardwood options and benefits

The elegance of solid hardwood flooring is a primary drawing characteristic for many homeowners. This kind of charm fits well in many spaces and with many different decor styles, allowing you to truly personalize your surroundings. You may choose to go wall to wall with the same look, or you could opt to switch things up, depending on the particular decor in each individual room.

Choosing a wood species is one way to get a depth of character in your flooring. Different species can look very different, and they are rated from very soft all the way to the hardest wood. This means you’ll have to focus on the traffic needs of your space as you are choosing a species. From there, you can move into a decision regarding stain colors. You’ll have a larger selection of colors if you opt for site finished materials. The trade-off comes in lengthier installation time, but some homeowners prefer the option.

When considering a finish type, you should know that some finishes, such as hand-scraped and distressed, can work to hide signs of wear. You won’t see nearly as many scuffs and scratches, which can leave you more time between refinishing projects.