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Choosing the best in laminate flooring

In laminate flooring, you’ll find excellent appearance options as well as a stable surface with plenty of durability for your busy family. Whether you’re looking for the wood, stone, or tile look, you can find all three in this one material. That means it’s easy to match the decor or to have a different look in different spaces of your home. Since it offers versatile benefits, it can be just as at home in the bathroom as it is in the bedroom, allowing you to remain within the same product line for all of your flooring needs.

At Advantage Flooring, we know that versatility is important and we offer plenty of flooring options to meet that need. We also provide a wealth of services and a professional installation team that bring an amazing end to your flooring experience. We strive for complete customer satisfaction so you can rest assured you’ll receive the attention you need when you visit our Ottawa, Ontario showroom.

We look forward to getting to know you and your needs and then working hard to meet and exceed them. Feel free to visit at your convenience.


Laminate facts you should know

As the first wood-look flooring product on the American market in the early 90s, laminate has always excelled at this genre of flooring. Since then, however, it has moved on to mimicking stone and tile as well, with great accuracy. With so many looks to choose from, each with great variety on their own, you’ll easily match your home decor and interior for an amazing continuity in every space. What’s more, these appearances can often transcend trend changes so there will be no need to replace them before they have reached the end of their lifespan.

Choosing a water-resistant laminate alternative is another great choice you have available. This means you can easily place this floor covering in bathrooms, kitchens, playrooms, and foyers, never fearing the water damage that can often accompany such placements. While the material is not completely watertight, this can give you much more time to clean any spills or accidents to avoid the damage.

Finally, you’ll enjoy a quick and easy installation, thanks to a click and lock system. Once installed, you’re left with a floor covering you can walk on immediately, and that is also easy to clean and maintain. For more details and information on laminate flooring, be sure to stop in and speak with one of our flooring associates.

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