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The importance of residential painting

Residential painting, especially for interior spaces, is a quick and affordable way to breathe fresh life into any space. When you choose the perfect colors, along with the right finish, you’ll see a brand-new beauty emerge from your rooms. But there are many other benefits of which you can take advantage as well, that will leave you with a place you’ll love for years to come. Let’s find out about some of them right now.

Consider all your painting needs

One of the most exciting features of a fresh coat of paint is that colors are often chosen as much for their functionality as for their stunning beauty. For instance, specific colors, or combinations of color, can make the room seem to change size. Some colors make the room appear larger for a more open feeling, while others create the ambiance of a smaller and cozier space.

The finish you can choose makes a massive difference as well, in many rooms. High gloss is a beautiful choice that offers excellent durability, with the option to easily clean the walls without worrying that the color will come off. The other end of the spectrum, a flat or matte finish, is far less durable, but they hide many wall imperfections and dings.

Another way to brighten any room is to use special paint techniques, such as color washing, crackling, or sponging. These create more excitement in the interior design. They can completely transform any room, quickly and easily, and are especially useful in any place where unique décor can combine to create the impression of fantasy. With any of these techniques, you can let your imagination go to make an appearance you’ll love for years to come. If you want even more information about this service, feel free to visit us when you’re in the area.


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Advantage Flooring proudly offers painting in Ottawa, for the residents of Ottawa, ON, Kanata, ON, Nepean, ON, (and/or) Orleans, ON, so be sure to contact us for your paint requirements. Our associates will be happy to help you pick all the best brands and features, while our painters will lend their professionalism to your project for outstanding results. When you visit our Ottawa, ON showroom, you’ll find that we have everything you need, no matter how large or small your project, and we’ll make sure your wall paint is the very best available