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Hardwood stairs

Planning a staircase? Make it a piece of art, create a statement feature in your home that will add to the aesthetics and uplift the ambiance of the space. A well done staircase can add a wow factor to any house so, don’t just install a staircase, get one that will be a source of joy and pride.

Advantage Flooring has been designing and installing staircases since 2005 in Ottawa. Our expertise lies in not just sourcing the best quality raw material but also designing and installing beautiful staircases that will win over our customers’ appreciation and loyalty. Our custom designed staircases and railings are made from a large variety of woods including oak, maple, birch, and Brazilian cherry. Pick from our range of spindles, newel posts and handrails to customize the staircase to your preference.

We offer many different combinations of materials to build the perfect staircase for your home. Our range includes all wood staircases to a mixture of wood and metal construction in a number of colors. We are committed to designing the perfect staircase for you and will keep refining the look till we get one that is the best match for the space.

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Stair and railing supply and installation

Advantage Flooring is a leading supplier and installation expert for all kinds of stairs and railings. If you are planning a new staircase or you wish to repair or refurbish your old one, contact us. Advantage Flooring offers you complete service from designing, supplying of raw materials to final installation of stairs and railings. Pick from our range of hardwood and metal stairs and railings. Let our stairs experts get to work for you. With a combination of your ideas and our expert’s experience, we promise to create a staircase worthy of your beautiful home.


Satin Black (SB)

Oil Rubbed Copper (OC)
Ash Gray (AG)
Coming soon…
Stainless Steel (SS)
Coming soon…
Winkled Black (WB)
Coming soon…
Oil Rubbed Bronze (OB)

Hollow Balusters

Square Plain

**Available colours

Wrinkled Black (WB)
Satin Black (SB)
Oil Rubbed Bronze (OB)
Ash Gray (AG)

1/2″ square hollow balusters

88CS-** Oval Center
89CS-** Rectangle Center
91CS-** Double Rectangle
87CS-** Basic Double Square

**Available colours
Satin Black (SB)
Ash Gray (AG)

Straight Round Tube

**Available colours

Wrinkled Black (WB)
Satin Black (SB)
Oil Rubbed Bronze (OB)
Ash Gray (AG)


1/2″ square hollow balusters 00SQ-**Plain 06SW-**Single Knuckle 07SQ-**Double Knuckle **Available colours Satin Black (SB) Oil Rubbed Bronze (OB)


9/16″ hallow balusters 40HF-** Single Diamond 41HF-** Double Diamond 31HF-** Plain 44″ Available colours** TBD

Twist & Basket

1/2″ hollow balusters 03SQ-** Single Basket 04SQ-** Double Basket 01SQ-** Single Twist 02SQ-** Double Twist 80SQ-** 22″ Twist Available colours** TBD

Ribbon I

1/2″ hallow balusters 10RS-** Single Ribbon 11RS-** Double Ribbon 12RS-**Double Ribbon with Basket 13RS-**Double Basket with Ribbon Available colours** TBD

Ribbon II

1/2″ hallow balusters 10RS-** Single Ribbon 14RS-** Double Ribbon with Butterfly 15RS-** Single Ribbon with Butterflies Available colours** TBD


9/16″ hollow balusters 23HE-** Double Feather with Basket 22HE-** Double Feather 21HE-** Single Feather 24HE-** Double Feather with Butterfly (currently unavailable) 20HE-** Plain Available colours** TBD


9/16″ hollow balusters 31HF-** Plain 45HF-** Single Knob 46HF-** Double Knob 47HF-** S Scroll with Knob Available colours** TBD


9/16″ hallow balusters 34HF-** S Scroll with Ball 33HF-** Double Ball 32HR-** Single Ball 31HF-**Plain Available colours** TBD

Hammered Edge Baskets

9/16″ hollow balusters 20HE-** Plain 27HE-** Single Basket 28HE-** Double Basket Available colours** TBD


1/2″ hollow baluster 86BB-** Available colours** TBD

Rustic Scroll

90TB-** 16″ S Scroll Available colours** TBD

Solid Balusters


Newel Moda 48” Balusters Moda 43” – single cast Moda 43” – double cast **Available colours Satin Black (SB)


Newel Linea 48” Linea Twist 48” Balusters Linea 43” – single twist Linea 43” – double twist Linea 43” – plain Linea 48” – plain **Available colours


Balusters Valencia 43” – single pattern Valencia 43” – double pattern Valencia 43” – plain **Available colours Satin Black (SB)


Newel Stila 48” Balusters 43″ 91STPL-SB Stila Single Round 92STPL-SB Stila Double Round 90STPL-SB Stila Plain Round **Available colours Satin Black (SB)


Ispira 43” – single pattern Ispira 43” – double pattern **Available colours Satin Black (SB)


Roma 43” **Available colours Satin Black (SB)

Advantage of our hardwood

  • Wide Selection: Unfinished, Prefinished Oaks, Maple, Birch, Ash, and more!
  • 35 year warranty on all of our floors
  • Our lead technicians have at least 15 years’ experience with flooring
  • Locally owned and operated for 10 years
  • Canadian Made and Canadian Millied Hardwood
  • 11 coats of aluminum oxide finished on our prefinished hardwoods
  • Insured (up to $2,000,000 with Co-operators)
  • Guarantee: 100% satisfaction

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