Welcome to our FAQ page. Here you will find useful information which can prove to be renovation lifesavers. Our goal is to inform you, the consumer, of the benefits of selecting the perfect contractor — and the consequences for not.
Many homeowners are unaware of the many stipulations and requirements a contractor must possess in order to work LEGALLY within a home. Below is a breakdown of the most commonly asked questions. We sincerely hope this will help you with your shopping and renovation experience.

General FAQ

Q: How do you pay?

A: Please pay by certified or personal cheque or preferable interac email transfer.

Q: Is it important to use a company who possesses W.S.I.B. coverage? What is W.S.I.B. and why is it important?

A: Simply put— Absolutely! W.S.I.B. stands for Workplace Safety Insurance Board. Without making this subject too complicated, any contractor who employs an employee must possess W.S.I.B. coverage. This system is in place to protect both the employee and the HOMEOWNER. An example: should a contractor slip and fall in your home, and lose his/her wage, the HOMEOWNER can be found accountable for lost wages, as the homeowner is the person who did not either

  • Collect W.S.I.B. information from the contractor
  • Or possess the actual W.S.I.B. coverage him/herself

To avoid this, a homeowner must ensure the contractor is covered, hence avoiding any liability in the unlikely event of an accident. Should a contractor possess W.S.I.B. coverage, then he/she may approach their own coverage in a potential time of need. Always request for proof of W.S.I.B. coverage before allowing anyone to work in your home.

Q: Is it important for a contractor to possess liability insurance?

A: The answers can be endless. There are two very important rules to remember when exercising quotes.

1. As abrupt as this may sound, good work is not cheap and cheap work is not good. Most people believe that choosing the right contractor boils down to price. This is not true. There are a lot of things to take into account. Example: One contractor may possess the appropriate credentials (insurance, W.S.I.B etc.) this is obviously reflected on his/her quote.

The other contractor may or may not be a registered business, or maybe he/she does not possess any credentials.

Unfortunately, there really is no such thing as a “great deal”. If you would like to choose a great contractor, you will need to do some research. Referrals are important, as well as attitude and knowledge. Also, when shopping, you will need to adopt the “compare apples to apples” attitude. For example, it is more than likely a professional company will be more expensive than the average “Joe” contractor, who pulls up to your home in a beat up Chevy, and writes his quotes on a napkin!

In construction, more likely than not, you get what you pay for!

2. Use some intuition. As awkward as this may sound, intuition or ‘good feeling’ about a contractor can also pay off. You should be comfortable and open and receive the same attitude back. Common sense is also an added bonus. Giving everyone an equal opportunity to bid on your project, followed by making an informed decision afterward will really open up your options.

By now, you’ve probably learned there is no science to shopping for a contractor. Rather a combination of common sense, gut feeling, referrals, and credentials. You should also be aware that not all companies who possess all the great qualities, perform best. This is not true. There are good and bad contractors, alike. It will take trial and error to find which company best suits your needs.